Border Collies


Züchter im Club für Britische Hütehunde e.V. (VDH/FCI)


Official breeder for Border Collies (VDH/FCI)


Franziska Engel

67281 Kirchheim/Weinstraße


Tel.: 0049(0)174-1658734


E - Litter planned for 2023

Fussel                                         x   ?

 Fussel will be in heat in February 2023 and she will be mated for her last litter.






Fussel (Devlynn Z Aeon Flux)


VDH/BOC 19374


DOB 16.09.2015


HD A2 (excellent)

ED 0/0

OCD frei (free)

LÜW/LTV frei (free)



EAOD Carrier

GG Carrier


CEA/CH normal/clear (Orivet+Eurovetgene)

SN normal/clear

DM normal/clear

TNS normal/clear

PLL normal/clear

MDR1 normal/clear

NCL normal/clear

NCL 5 normal/clear

IGS normal/clear

CLCN1 normal/clear

HUU normal/clear

Raine Syndrome normal/clear

CY normal/clear

MC normal/clear

vWD Type 1,2,3 normal/clear


frei v. erblichen Augenkrankheiten - free of hereditary eye diseases ECVO free (Nov 2015 and July 2018)


Höhe/height:            49 cm

Gewicht/weight:       15 kg


Farbe/color:           chocolate-white


Farbgenetik/colorgenetic: D/D, Em/E, b/b, KB/KB, at/at, S/S, h/h, G/G, m/m


Wolfskrallen: nein (Genetisch LIMBR1 DC-2 G/G -> frei)



Prüfungen/exams: BH (obedience beginner class), A3 (agility grade 3)


Gekört am 14.05.2017 (breeding licence CfBrH/VDH/FCI)


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X ????